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Henry All Weather Lever Action Rifle 30-30 Win
Henry All Weather Lever Action Rifle 30-30 Win

Henry All Weather Lever Action Rifle 30-30 Win

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Henry does produce, hands down, some of the best-looking lever action rifles on the market in their brass and silver models, but as a part of their aggressive expansion into the more utilitarian side of life with newer steel centerfires meant for everyday life in the truck, on the farm, and through the woods. In 2016 they introduce the hard-working All-Weather H009AW in .30-30.

In profile and general dimensions, this Henry offering is essentially the same as their blued steel counterparts, with 20” round barrel and 5-shot magazine capacity, with the same adjustable buckhorn/bead sights. Like the blued rifles, the All-Weathers also wear the same wrist profiles- straight in the .30-30. The major differences lie in the first time they’ve used hard chrome plating on all metal surfaces (except springs and sights), and a durable industrial-grade coating on hardwood furniture.

In a tough world where a working rifle might be “rode hard and put away wet”, this is the finish you want on it. A very strong plating permanently bonded to the steel underneath, hard chrome doesn’t flake, chip, or peel, and its corrosion resistance is actually stronger than some stainless steels. The treatment they use increases surface hardness, reduces friction on moving parts, doesn’t normally scuff or scratch, and leaves a low-gloss look that won’t spook game.

The furniture is another departure for them; they’ve based a good part of their reputation on their select American walnut over the years, but here they’ve opted for a stained hardwood with a carefully-selected coating that’s formulated to stand up to wear, tear, scratches, moisture, temperature variations, and the angst of the various “character marks” an everyday outdoor tool inevitably picks up during its lifetime.

If you want beauty, they’ve got it. If you want a more subdued partner you can depend on to ride any trail with, any time, any season, and in any weather, they do that too.


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